There is more to life than the American Dream. There is a calling, a purpose and a reason for your life, and we want to play a part in helping you discover and live that purpose out. Listen, Jesus asked all of us to join Him to reconcile a broken world unto Him. Here at Vertical Life, we want to invite you to join us in doing just that. 

There is no experience that compares to watching broken-hearts mended, the fractured made whole and the kingdom of darkness overran by the Kingdom of Light. Yet, more than seeing it is actually being a part of it. You have a part to play in the Kingdom of Jesus, and we are asking you to step into that role. When you do, it will revive parts of your heart that you never believed could live again and awaken a desire that will never be satisfied by what this life can offer.

I do warn you that this journey, at times, will be difficult, but always, ALWAYS, worth it.  In the moment that you realize God, God Himself, is working through you, your hands, your feet, your heart, your tears, your laughter, your sweat, your prayers, your emotions and your sacrifice... your heart and soul will be elevated to a joy that the passions of this world will never be able to match or sustain. You will be ignited! Ignited with a passion and with a purpose that only the Holy Spirit Himself can keep burning bright.

There may be moments that you cry yourself to sleep. There may be moments that you question what you are doing, that all you want to do is walk away, you feel unworthy, you feel incapable, you feel too weak. There may be moments of heartache and pain, BUT I promise that they will all be pale in comparison to the Joy of the Kingdom of Jesus being expanded through your sacrifice.

You may ask, "How could something this great come out of something so broken, me?!" And I can only answer with, "That IS the beauty of the Gospel, using the foolish things of this world, broken people like you and I, to reconcile this world unto Him!"

So why not join us? Why not step-out and see what can happen when you offer your life, your resources and your passion to Jesus?



Move here. Seriously! Pack your bags and move here. Bold? Yes. Risky? Yes. But the gospel calls all of us to risk. Vertical Life has not asked you to make disciples, Jesus has. We are only providing you with an avenue and a community to do just that.  So pray about it and see if Jesus may be asking you to join us in this movement.


Please, no matter what you choose to do, pray. We covet your prayers! Pray for boldness to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray for fellow laborers to join us in linking arms with the Holy Spirit to mend a city. Pray for His spirit to penetrate our lives and break our hearts for His people. Pray for His presence to be manifested amongst us in signs and wonders. Whatever you do, please pray!

THREE: GIVE!         

Yes, ask Jesus what you could give to help us. Ask Jesus if there is something that you can give to be on mission with us. Your generosity, your belief and your investment support us to reach people, teenagers, marriages, families, grandparents, neighborhoods, cities and a world for Jesus.