At Vertical Life we hold to 4 values that shape and guide this ministry. In Acts 2:42-47 we find a description of the early church that was effective in displaying, empowering and releasing people for Kingdom impact. In this passage, we see 4 values to cultivating a healthy church environment: 


We refuse to act or go without His presence. We expect God's presence to be tangible in our lives, and to be in awe of the signs and wonders that God will do among us. His presence in our lives will not be something referred to as a past event or distant possibility, but rather, moving and working among us at all times.


We hold to the Bible as the Word of God and the final authority. The Word is not just words on a page, doctrines to debate over or a tool to belittle others. We believe that the Word and the Spirit actually shapes lives and communities.


We value living in a Christ-Centered community. Life was never meant to be lived alone. We desire that everyone be part of a Christ-Centered community that genuinely loves and serves one another. We also value a community in which the older generation trains the younger, and the younger works with the older.


We make disciples that make disciples. This looks like relationships that are centered on Jesus and a community that equips others to be change in their neighborhoods, cities and the world. We are a group of believers displaying the Gospel in all areas of our lives.